Friday, August 25, 2006

New to Creative Commons: Sampling License!

This is such a great presentation of how Creative Commons (cc) began, some noteworthy applications over the past year plus, current new developments, and a vision for the near future. Highlighted is a new license made available at Creative Commons specifically for taking copyrighted material in acceptable snippet sizes for incorporation into a larger work. The presentation guides a brief overview of what that could mean. Give yourself about 4-5 minutes to watch it. It's worth the watch.

Admittedly, I don't have all the tech skills I need to embed a player unless someone gives me the code, so here's a link.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Red Red Red

Words of wisdom, eerily similar to anything sensible I could get to emerge from my lips at the moment: "Red Red Red" from the Album Extraordinary Machine.

I don't understand about complimentary colors and what they say
side by side they both get bright
together they both get grey
but he's been pretty much yellow
and I've been kind of blue
but all I can see is red red red red red now
what am I gonna do?

I don't understand about diamonds and why men buy them
what's so impressive about a diamond except the mining?
but it's dangerous work
trying to get to you too
and I think if I didn't have to kill kill kill kill kill kill myself doing it,
maybe I wouldn't think so much of you

I've been watching all the time
and I still can't find the tack
but what I wanna know is
is it okay, is it just fine?
or is it my fault, is it my lack?

I don't understand about the weather outside
or the harmony in a tune and why somebody lied
but there's sollace a bit in submitting to the
fitfully cryptically true
what's happened has happened
what's coming is already on its way with a role for me to play
and I don't understand
I never understand
but I'll try to understand

there's nothing else I can do